How To Book Your Appointment

We have made it extremely simple for you to book an appointment by integrating a booking system right on our website. You are still able to contact us by giving us a call or submitting an inquiry, however, our booking system allows you to get in touch with us one-on-one at your convenience. 

To book your appointment follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit us at our website .

  2. On the top navigation pane, click on "Get In Touch".

  3. Scroll down or click the "Book An Appointment" button to get to the booking section of the page.

  4. Here you can read our Booking Policy before scheduling your appointment.

  5. Once ready, simply select a service from our list of provided services.

  6. Next you are presented with the available time slots and a monthly calendar for you to pick the best date and time.

  7. After selecting the date and time of your appointment, simply fill out the required information and any additional comments you have and click continue.

  8. Finally, review the submitted information and click "Book Appointment".

That's it! Once your booking is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email for your records that also contains the steps you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment if needed.